The day I dreamed it 

I thought it would always be mine 

and that I'd own it. 

Looord if you had told me!

Patience sure isn't the fruit of my spirit

I'd have to believe it long before I see it

For you to have the time to mold me. 

God, You're gonna have to deal with me 

Use this patience and kindness, 

Poor mercy on me.

Because I'm a crazy lunatic.

This dream, 

Somedays I praise it, 

Others I just want to kick it. 


It's never gonna happen,

This power that is in my brain 

is just working in vain.

But something that I call resilience 

makes me speak it into existence!

And admire this plan's brilliance.

But when things seem too slow, 

Too shallow, too "no, no" 

Don't bring these tears into my eyes,

I should believe in more than blindsight. 

I'm gonna have to call on my brothers and sisters

So they can remind me, I'm not gonna push this forever. 

My God isn't a liar.

No, I haven't made a mistake

I just know it'll require 

More than one take.

Some things will break, Disintegrate 

To create something strong and great.

Though somedays, I'm not gonna heart it, 

I'll keep repeating: 

Whatever motion comes to shake my mood

My Faith will stay unmoved 

Like a child in her mother's womb 

Because this is what I am meant to do.

God will come through

and I am telling you, 

I will shout victory! 

And so will you.




You are so wonderful, 

Your words are like honey enveloping my tongue,

Your spirit is fresh air surrounding my soul,

I need You more, that I know.

You love me more, so I know 

Your presence is a gift 

which I will praise with my lips.

Hosanna, holy king


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