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14 V-Day Date Ideas ♥️

Valentine’s Day is right around the corneeeeer. So here are 14 date ideas for you and your baby boo.

1. Dinner Night out

Simple and classy.


Go to a place where you can dance romantically.

3. Special Home Dinner

Add some candles and flowers, stay in love and in comfort.

4. Cook together

Then eat the food.

5. Brunch Date

We ALLL love brunches.

6. Themed evening

Use a special theme to decorate your place and make it pretty for you to spend a pretty V-Day.

7. Pizzas

Opt for a chill V-Day with pizzas and pyjamas.

8. Double date

Go out with another couple and discuss the #relationshiplife.

9. Spa moments

Pamper each other.


Just spend a day out with your boo, enjoying your city.

11. The movies

Who doesn't love a great movie, at the movies?

12. Home MovieS

Well movies at home, with homemade pop corn are cool as well!

13. Game time

Compete against each other and have fun.

14. Simplicity

A Simple good dinner or lunch, nice drinks, some calm, deep conversations, good books to read, a nice program to watch together, good sleep and sweet dreams!

Which is your favorite?



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