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5 Qualities I Need In A man

I’ve got some lesson for y’all. Here are 5 qualities I need in a man and that you may want in a man too!

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This is obliviously number 1. I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain why, but here it is;

You want a man after God’s own heart because this is guarantee, certainty that something bigger will hold you together and that you will not rely on your own feelings, on your own mood, even on your own personality for your love. The love that you share together has to surpass you.

What else?


Ooh, this one. You want a man who knows the value of patience, as patience is the key to many things: blessings, success and so on. So, you don’t want a man who is constantly going to rush you and who will not take his time to do things well. Patience is a fruit of the spirit and patience produces the greatest things.

3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Aretha Franklin said it right, but I will add this: we don’t need a little respect, we need the proper amount of respect. I think women shouldn’t even talk to men who do not respect them. If you accept that from whoever’s disrespecting you, your value, your personality, your worth, your history, your work, even your body, they will get comfortable with it. They will keep treating you the way you allow them to. I’ve once heard a pastor* say that "God will let you live on whatever level you settle for" (or something close). Don’t settle for any kind of disrespect.


This is my personal touch. I have developed an allergy to average and people wanting to settle for anything else than God’s best for them. When you decide to pursue what God has for you, the unique plan He has for you, you then embrace uniqueness and that is not only amazing but that is also very attractive.


Last but DEFINITELY not least, another one of my personal touch. I don’t like rude boys (as a matter fact, they make me wanna itch). Unfortunately, as I have stated in a previous article, we have lost the art of chivalry but I will do everything that is in my power not to be a victim of this (and your should too!). Because I will not settle for a mannerless man. Gentlemen, you are needed.

You need a real man. We are not talking about, boyfriends, possibilities, options. We are talking about the one for you, a husband, someone you will share deeply rooted, special and unique love with. So I kindly suggest that you make sure that whoever wants to apply for that position in your life, has the qualities required to fulfill that position.

What are the 5 top qualities you need in a man?

See Ya,


*Dr. Dharius Daniels

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