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Are You Worshipping God or Your Dream?

Worship: show reverence and adoration for God

If I were to ask myself this question, I think I’d probably answer: I don’t know.

Being brutally honest, sometimes I do know and the answer is not very pleasant.

Here is the thing,

Our dreams can appear so big to us, so wonderful, even magical. So much so that we forget it is not by them that we live, but by the One who actually put this dream in us. It is often hard to distinguish both. Our goal, our purpose is not an end in itself.

What Your Dream Is

Your dream is a beautiful product of God’s creativity, trust and glory. The realization of God’s investment, a concrete calling which, I am convinced will change many lives. BUT, it is not an end in itself, thus implying that even if it somehow never happened, you would STILL.BE.OK.

Who God Is

God is sovereign, He is perfect. He is the one sustaining us. Without Him breathing life into us each day, we would not be able to live. He gives us visions, He gives us opportunities. He makes us grow and transforms us into better beings day after day.

So, the one who is worthy of praise is God alone. Remember this:

  • God does not owe it to You.

  • You could live without it.

  • It will not sustain you.

  • It will not make you a better person.

  • You are unceasingly loved.

There is no need to chase your dream. Chase God, obey Him and this will allow your dream to come to you.

Stay Blessed.

Love y'all,


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