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How to be cute

Gallantry : courteous attention to a lady (merriam-webster online dictionary)

This is not an article meant to teach you how to be cute. I would never do that.

However, I have noticed certain things that I unfortunately dislike about many men in this day and age.

Among those things: the lack of gallantry.

In 2019, approaching 2020, I’ll understand that I might be the only one who's still bothered by such a lack of gallantry, but it is how I feel so I might as well just state it.


To me, gallantry is definitely a pre-requisite:

  • opening any type of door for her to pass before you

  • pulling her seat at the restaurant

  • walking on the outside of the pavement

  • walking or driving her home to make sure she gets there safe

  • offering protection

  • helping her carry heavy stuff

  • helping her on or off with her coat

  • complimenting her

An so on. All these may seem artificial, superficial, futile to some of you, but I am sure they could make a lot of difference for a woman, and for you as a male.

I honestly believe that it is the way to go;

why wouldn’t you pull her seat? why wouldn’t you offer protection? why wouldn’t you help her carry heavy stuff? why wouldn’t you compliment her?

The answers that I might get from these questions : feminism, sexism, etc.

I don’t believe feminism and gallantry are incompatible nor do I believe gallantry will hinder the rightful battle against sexism.

It all depends on each one of us. But I would appreciate and cherish it. And as a man, especially as a man of God, I think you should appreciate and cherish it for yourself, for the women in your life and the attention you’re providing them, and for your legacy.

That would be very cute.


Love y'all



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