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Don’t Let A Relationship Suppress You

Individuality: separate existence.

I got this from a married friend.

We were discussing relationships and marriage, and she told me that one of the things she had observed among fellow married women, and which upset her the most, was this sudden change she had witnessed among many of them.

I know that becoming a spouse means adopting a whole new dynamic. It is not the same as being single or even in a relationship, so we all get it.


However, I do agree with my friend.

The need to maintain one's individuality

What if you’ve had a very close friend who enters a relationship;

She used to have a fun personality but whenever her significant other is not around, she’s sad.

Whenever you plan something, she wants to bring him with her.

She constantly talks about him, or text him even while you’re spending time together.

What if she considers that her life now revolves around her new boo?

What if she thinks that she’s better than you because she has found someone who loves her? What if she ghosts you?

What if she has not managed to maintain her individuality?



Instead of changing why don’t you evolve?

Time, distance, choices, priorities, it’s all up to you. Your God-given identity and individuality; who you are, don’t suppress it. Don’t suppress, ignore, neglect all that you happily had before having a man.

You Shouldn't Suppress Yourself

Remain who you are as you, your family, your man, and your friends will love the certainty that this precious pearl will always remain who they’ve loved and the one who loves them.


Love y'all



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