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How To Expand Your Vocabulary

During my studies, a lot of wiring was required from me: essays, dissertations, stories, reports, research paper, etc.

While writing all of those, there always came a point when I would wonder: What other word can I use for that? or How can I say that differently? or will they understand me if I say it like this?

Well, I found something that we call vocabulary expansion, which basically just means broadening your vocabulary.

How do you do that?! Well, here are 5 of my tips to help you further explore the word world, ha!

1. Listen and read carefully

Every time you spot a new word :

2. Write it down

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. I would lie If I told you that I had a vocabulary notebook, but I do have little cards on which I write the new vocab I acquire, classifying them by themes.

For example, I was interested in the different words that could be used to define something that is very beautiful. I made a card!

3. Speak them words

Or write them. If you just put them in your little box (or on your little card!) and then forget about them, you’ll never have the opportunity to exploit them and flaunt them. Keep reading those new words so you can incorporate them in your vocabulary and use them naturally.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

If you want something you have to go get it. If you keep listening, reading and watching certain things that never bring anything new to you, you might want to turn to different types of materials and diversify your field of attention to discover new perspectives as well as different words 😉.

5. Pinterest Pins

This is my personal favorite. I use them when I’m lazy. The list is already made for you. Let's take for example a list of words you could be using instead of adding ‘very’ to words you may already know. You'd say:

Pouring instead of very rainy.

Innovative instead of very creative.

All you have to do is type vocabulary in your Pinterest search bar. You’ll find all kinds of cute pins meant to help you enrich your vocabulary. Once again, don’t just pin them! Use them.

I write poems, so I’m always looking for new words to speak to people. My motivation is the impact, the life, the power that resides in words.

The Bible says that life and death are in the power of the tongue, i.e in speaking words. Let us use this power to change lives: our own but also those of the ones who are around us.



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