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Living Others' Lives

Do you ever feel like sometimes, you find yourself in places you are never meant to be?

I used to.

Before 2020 began, I was involved in many things. I was involved in groups, associations,organizations, etc.

The reason why I had gotten involved in those things is because I thought I wanted to and because I thought I had a lot of spare time. I ended up realizing that no matter how much spare time I had, I always preferred staying at home or spending time with my family and friends anyways. #TeamIntrovert

BUT this is not the subject of the matter. The reason why I almost always preferred doing something else rather than going out to get involved in those things, is because they were never meant for me.

Sometimes, we get involved in so many things thinking, we have spare time, or we need to develop our social skills, we need to meet more people, etc.

And the craziest thing is: we do all those things and we don’t meet people, we don’t become more social and we actually waste our time!

People push us and sometimes we push ourselves further than we are supposed to go.

How many events did I go to, leaving me a waste-of-energy taste in the mouth?

And you know what? There is no problem with such a thing because it is part of life.

BUT, the more I grow up and the more I experience this, the more I realize that I have my own identity, my own dreams, my own lifestyle and I don’t need to have someone else trying to insert theirs into me!

What I mean by that is we all have our own paths. So once you’ve realized something is not meant for you, you are free to let go it. You don’t have to hold on to it because you have spare time, because your friends are there or because that is what people expect you to do.

I have taken some decision people are disappointed with or even shocked of. BUT, no matter how much I love them, it’s their problem not mine.

Because I know I am following God’s will for me.

I have to live my life not theirs.

I want to chase my dreams, not theirs.

So, I will just ask people one thing; Don’t project what you want or what you are on someone else. Let them say no, without asking why, without trying to imprison them, with nothing but love.

And I will ask you one thing: Stop wasting your time. Go after the life God has for you, not the life people have for you...

Love y’all,


#harshtruth #truedeliverance #livingyourlife

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