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This is it, Christmas season is here.

Let us take some time to reflect on what this period represents for many of us. As a minimalist, I know this time of the year is synonym of a lot of money spent on gifts, things, food, travels, etc. I also know that we spend a lot of time decorating our houses, finding the cutest outfits, just to have a great time.

I believe that this season is a reminder of what should be occurring more often in our lives. Of course, not the ridiculously enormous amount of money spent on a turkey or, foie gras or whatever, but the love that we want to share for each other, for our family and for our friends.

I don’t particularly believe in material gifts, dressing up or even decorating the house for Christmas (it may shock you, but it is what it is.) As Christians obviously we don’t know for sure when Jesus as a human was born, but we do know that His spirit was before, still is and will always be. So, we should celebrate Jesus, we should celebrate His gifts for humanity on the 25th of December, just as we should everyday.

But also, when we gather on the 25th of December, or any other day, let us really put aside strife, anger, bitterness, ungrateful attitudes and let us truly celebrate love, family, giving, one another, life and God. Let us remember that life is precious, family is precious and that is our true gift.



This is the first article of the Christmas Series.

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