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Love Yourself before Loving Anyone Else

Love : warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion (merriam-webster dictionary)

I have realized that you cannot properly love other people, if you don’t properly love yourself first.

It may just seem like I’m repeating what many others have already said, but it has really been a revelation for me to know, understand and live that ; it’s okay to want to be good for myself so I can then be good to others

It’s a scheme as one cannot give what one doesn’t have: If I don’t have love for myself, I cannot give love to anyone else.

Know Your Worth

What you choose to be, what you choose not to be. What you choose to accept and what you choose not to accept : You can make choices according to yourself and not necessarily according to others. You have the right to and you absolutely have to.

This is a good lesson I’ve learned, because there was a period in my life during which I would lose sleep over the choices I made that would impact people in a way they wouldn’t necessarily like.

But it was extremely liberating to know that I don’t have to please you, I primarily have to please me.

Without being selfish.

A Healthy you makes a healthy world

A healthy you makes a better world. There is no other way to say it. If you deserve love, you need to love yourself first and healthily. Once you do that, you will be able to detect what’s not healthy and what may try to take away that love you have for yourself, and substitute it with hate for yourself, or love for vain things, people or the opinions of people, etc. It’s not a good place.

The good place is love for yourself. It’s just as simple, sometimes less easy but totally worth it.

Once you have built a solid confidence, a real love and a perpetuating trust and faith in God in terms of who you are and who He has made you to be, you are free from ALL bondage.

And that is A M A Z I N G. So, just be you and love that you. Cause you’re awesome.


Love y’all



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