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The Trap Of Daydreaming

Daydream: a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one's attention from the present.

I have been daydreaming since I was a child. To me, more than a way to kill time, it was a way to escape from where I was, to imagine myself doing something better than what I was doing at the moment, or living a better life that I was living at the moment.

It was all wrong

Well, not quite ALL wrong. There are some very good sides and positive effects of daydreaming. As I said in a previous post, I am a very imaginative person, constantly craving for inspiration. The result of such craving is my daydreaming.

Once I get some inspiration or a new idea, I daydream it. There is nothing wrong about that in itself, except when it becomes excessive (like most things).

Daydreaming all day long, through work, classes, diner, quality time (because you wished you had an even greater time) about something you wished you had or were? Instead of waking up and making it happen.

That’s the point

Most of my daydream has never happened. Such a process is only positive if it is limited and ready to serve a purpose. Use it to make your dreams happen but don’t just daydream,

sitting, wishing.

One of the things I’ve even decided to do is to just let go of any type of daydream and write everything down (or create a note on my iPhone, team technology) so I don’t forget.

However if you want and you know how to daydream in a healthy way, using it for inspiration and creativity is one the ways you can benefit from it.

Overall, enjoy the present time. We can always be better, do better and grow. But one of the most important things in life is to cherish the moments we are given with our loved ones, including yourself. So, if you’re single and unhappy about it don’t spend the whole day imagining yourself with a boyfriend or a husband, for example.

Work towards it or wait patiently to be found (depending on your approach, but that’s for another blog post…)

If you want to create a life you don’t have, create it, work for it once you have dreamed it.

And that will be enough,

Love y’all



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