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With Nothing But A T-Shirt On

This is a line that I got from a 10-year-old Jessica Simpson song called With You.

I am in love with this line. Why? Because it reminds us of what beauty is: natural

What do you think beauty is?

Do you think it’s a matter of lace front wigs, contouring, Fashion Nova-style outfits, Instagram pics & personality and so on?

I don’t. I rather think all the things mentioned above are superficial. And because beauty is not superficial, it goes beyond and deeper than that.

The reason why I love the line "With nothing but a T-shirt on, I’ve never felt so beautiful, baby as I do now" is because it is so reflective of the true beauty that one finds in him/herself as well as in whom he or she loves regardless of their physical presentation, regardless of them being sick or healthy, regardless of them looking their best or not.

Without artifices

You'll constantly put on a show for someone else only if you constantly put on a show for yourself in the first place, right?

In my opinion, one should be with someone they're comfortable enough with, to look their worst (not because we want to).

The rest of the lyrics goes:

"With you, I can let my hair down. I can say anything crazy, I know you’ll catch me right before I hit the ground."

Attraction for your SO should not be based on the color of his eyes or the way she over draws her lips, but on who that person is.

So my point is beauty is not superficial. There is nothing you can do with what people call beauty nowadays; instagram type of girl, with her prefect figure and her orchestrated poses.

It is a matter of the soul and what’s lying in your heart. In other words, it is more than eyes can see.

It may seem like an old message, but to someone it may be new.

Nice throwback,

Love y’all


1 Peter 3:4

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