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Worshipping Human Beings

I have, once, heard someone say: "[...] Because Beyonce is like perfect."

So I don’t remember what they were talking about, but no, Beyonce is not perfect.

Micheal Jackson was not perfect, George Clooney is not perfect, you are not perfect, no one is.

To look up to someone is one thing, lifting that person up to a point which is close to or is idolatry is another thing. Especially if by lifting that person up, you pull yourself down.


I think the main reason that may be pushing someone to idolize another human being is found in insecurity and lack of confidence. Confident people don't go around worshipping people who are flawed just like you and I, no matter how talented, famous and beautiful they are.

What I personally hate seeing is this: GOALS …

People are not goals, people’s relationships are not goals.

People are people and people’s relationships are people’s relationships.

First of all, we rarely know what is going on behind closed doors. Secondly, why would mere people be your goals? So you want to copy your relationship off of someone else’s? It is not that great. Furthermore, why be like someone else, while you could be the dopest version of yourself?

IT's A waste of time

Contrary to what some may want you to believe, people are not better than you.

They may act better, they may think wiser, they may choose a better path for their lives, but God does not make people in their essence better or not than the others.

We all have an opportunity to shine bright in this life, so there’s no point in worshipping others. Regardless of who they are or what culture says they are. Never.

God only is worthy of praise.

Stay dope,




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