My butt and breast on top,

gotta get them numbers high up

It is all about what you see

What I mean 

is what is seen: 

A portrayal of perfection 

that does not fit my condition

but that is still worth attention.

You say that this is true

You say this is you 

And... You're fooling who?

Now, how am I supposed to get inspiration

from something that ain't real?

Let me ask you one question

What's the deal?

Cause this seems pretty serious 

the futility of being Instagram famous

Why are you so fake, like a Barbie?

Why is everything made up, excessively?

You're not rendering it beautiful, 

you're making it untruthful.

But You decide what you live for.

"It's just a social network

Don't make it a big deal, it won't work. 

The Gram' 

is worth all these efforts." 


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